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2 rue de la Voivre PA Technoland BP 21 25490 Fesches-le-Châtel Cedex FRANCE

The company JRI has been incorporated in 1990 and has developed a monitoring system, that provides security and time saving to its customers, range measures and records temperature, humidity, pressure, CO2energy consumption from the clients PC. At the ...

  • station for temperature monitoring
  • thermostatic chamber characterisation
  • cold chain surveillance
  • wireless temperature monitoring system
  • cofrac-certified metrology services
  • internet-based temperature surveillance
  • temperature indicators
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40 Rue des Vignobles

Specialist in fluid dosing, Nordson EFD offers a wide range of dosing equipment and consumables. From manual doers to automated dosing systems, their equipment makes possible accurate and constant dosing of all types of industrial fluids at all degrees of viscosity, ...

  • dosing - machines and equipment
  • lubrication company
  • mixers
  • Syringes and cartridges
  • Automated dosing systems
  • Dosing needles
  • Pest Management Systems
  • Product pumps and tanks
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8 Rue Saint Charles

ETS CHARLES ROTHERMEL has a 40 years experience in manufacturing special cabs for industries, Operator cabs for lifting and mechanical handling plant, overhead gantries, cranes, stackers and bucket wheels - Cabs for port facilities - Cabs and shelters for electrical installations ...

  • cranes and gantries
  • crane and gantry cabs
35 Boulevard du libre Échange, 31650 Saint-Orens-de-Gameville, France

LEROY AUTOMATION is a leading designer and manufacturer of control products and embedded electronic systems, and safety solutions dedicated to the embedded railway and energy markets. For more than 30 years, we have been supplying EN 50155-compliant automation solutions to major ...

  • electrical systems and equipment
  • plc control systems for manufacturing industry
  • remote control and remote monitoring devices
  • electronic signalling equipment for railway and tram lines
  • remote control and remote monitoring devices for energy distribution
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12 Rue Sadi Carnot, 94880 Noiseau, France

Established in 1992, Prosum has developed designs and markets high performance networking products, such as Several adapters for Token-Ring, Ethernet and ATM networks, Ethernet switches, WOOWEB and WOOWEB-PRO and KVM and IP KVM extenders and switche and they can ...

  • hardware
  • software
  • networking products
290 Chemin de Saint-Dionisy, 30980 Langlade, France

AS technologies designs, produces and sells weighing systems for water treatment professionals (sewage plants, water treatment plants, etc.), a simple, robust weighting system for weighing sludge containers (removable hook-loader containers.) We have designed SACM200ng2 and PBA400, a system for weighing removable ...

  • weighing and dosing equipment
  • weighbridges
  • scales and industrial weighing systems
  • weigh-bridges for semitrailers and road trains
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A 2 A
39 Chemin du Vieux Chêne, 38240 Meylan, France

Des imprimantes multifonctions et logiciels étudiés pour optimiser votre impression numérique et faciliter la gestion de vos documents. Solutions Xerox.

  • impression numérique
  • imprimantes multifonctions
  • gestion documents
18 Rue Nicolas Appert

AA OPTO-ELECTRONIC proposes the most complete range of Acousto-optic devices covering wavelengths from 180 nm up to 11 µm. All associated RF drivers are designed and produced by AA in order to enhance performances of our acousto-optic devices.

32 Rue Marcel Paul

AWF Woodward Solutions est expert dans le contrôle et la régulation de vitesse WOODWARD pour les turbomachines et moteurs industriels. Equipe spécialisée dans la maintenance, modernisation, fourniture de matériel neuf, formation des produits WOODWARD en France et Afrique Francophone.

  • moteur
  • groupe electrogene
  • Raffinerie
  • Woodward
  • awf
  • petrochimie
  • contrôle commande
  • awf france
  • régulation turbomachine
  • régulation moteur industriel
  • régulation turbomachines
  • régulation moteurs industriels
  • régulateur turbomachine
  • régulateur moteur industriel
  • régulateur turbomachines
  • régulateur moteurs industriels
  • centre d'ingénierie woodward
  • régulation de vitesse
  • régulateur de vitesse
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465 Rue des Prés Seigneurs, 01120 La Boisse, France

ABB est un leader mondial dans les technologies d'énergie et d'automation qui permet à ses clients industriels et aux utilités d'améliorer leurs performances tout en diminuant l'impact de leurs activités sur l'environnement. Le Groupe ABB est présent dans environ 100 pays, ...

  • Industrie
  • ferroviaire
  • Energie
  • Technologie
  • smart grid
  • ABB
  • Performance
  • optimisation
  • environnement
  • efficacité énergétique
  • Automatisation
  • productivité
  • eau
  • agroalimentaire
  • Data Centers
  • Energies
  • solaire
  • photovoltaïque
  • rentabilité
  • éolien
  • véhicules électriques
  • redressement productif
  • réseaux intelligents
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