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Rue de la Maladière 71c, 2000 Neuchâtel, NE, Switzerland

ARCOPTIX S.A. was incorporated in Neuchâtel, Switzerland in 2006. It is a small innovative company that designs and manufactures high-performance FT-IR / FT-NIR SPECTROMETERS and LIQUID CRYSTAL devices. The company offers models optimized for fibered systems, diffuse reflection of gas measurements, ...

  • scientific equipment and instruments
  • spectrometers
  • polarization
  • retarder
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300 5th Avenue SW

DistributionNOW is a provider of world-class products and solutions for the upstream, midstream, and downstream/industrial markets.

  • ppe equipment
  • pipe
  • grinders
  • Cutting Machinery and Equipment
  • Metal Drilling Contractors
  • Seals and Gaskets Made of Metal
  • Pipes, Tubes and Pipelines Made of Various Metals
  • Metal Milling Machines
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Nordborgvej 81, Nordborg, Denmark

Danfoss is a global leader focused on energy-efficient solutions that save energy and costs, and reduce carbon emissions. The company’s wide range of products and services are used in areas such as cooling food, air conditioning, heating buildings, controlling electric motors ...

  • cooling and refrigeration
  • air condiitioned
Freiburgstrasse 65, 3280 Murten, Switzerland

DIGI SENS AG was incorporated in 1993. The company produces and sells measuring systems based on the oscillating-wire technology. At present the company has 30 employees and customers all over the world. The main focus of the company is offering weighing ...

  • measuring systems
  • weighing systems
  • testing machines
  • wire technology
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Rue du Parc Industriel 2a - b 4540 Amay, Belgium

The company EVOLUSYS SPRL it's currently located in Amay. Belgium, and it was first incorporated in 2004. Evolusys managed to become a leading provider of industrial computing, automation and electrical services. With customers and business partners all over the ...

  • automation - systems and equipment
  • electricity - transmission equipment
  • electricity - distribution equipment
  • electricity - works
  • automation - advisory services
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Via G. Montanelli, 70, 61122 Pesaro PU, Italy

With the strength of thirty years' experience in manufacturing tools for working wood, aluminium and plastics, the company has specialised in integrated Widia cutters, taper shanks for CNC routers, bits for automatic boring machines, router bits, circular saws, measuring instruments.

  • woodworking - machinery and equipment
  • measuring instruments
  • drill and router bit holders
  • spare parts & attachments
  • router bits for wood and aluminium
  • circular saws
  • router bits for stand-mounted hand portable machines
  • dowel bits and drill holders
  • router bits for hand portable machines
  • panel measuring
  • interchangeable router bits and cutting heads
  • tools for aluminium and plastics
  • bits for boring and routers
  • special equipment
  • wood saws
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Ljudevita Gaja 7

Projektiranje i primjena kompenzatora i ekspanzijskih spojeva daje vam sigurnost da ste izabrali optimalno rjesenje i modernu konstrukciju cjevovoda.

  • metalni kompenzatori
  • Metalne gibljive cijevi
  • metalni mjehovi
  • projektiranju
  • primjeni
  • proizvodnji
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Ustronna 41, Łódź, Poland

TME is a family company existing since 1990. All started from a small shop offering electronic components for service and small production purposes. The shop was established in Łódź (Poland) by brothers: Adam and Zbigniew Kuczyński. In the course of time, ...

  • hand tools, non-power
  • electric cables
  • electrical & electronic components
  • measurement
  • industrial maintenance
  • electronic semiconductors
  • components passive
  • connectors
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Friesdorfer Str. 137, 53175 Bonn, Germany

Wilhelm Stolle GmbH is a family-owned business that is now in its fourth generation. With over 115 years of experience in machine manufacturing and iron casting, the name STOLLE is synonymous with optimum precision and superior quality. STOLLE offers a range ...

  • industrial hardware
  • clamping plates
  • angle plates
  • box cubes
  • measuring plates
  • control plates
  • industrial installations
  • machine tables
  • mechanical and industrial assembly consultants
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Zuppingerstraße 8, 88213 Ravensburg, Germany

We have been developing, producing and selling high quality products and systems in the water treatment, waste water treatment, process water, drinking water, swimming pool water and environmental engineering area worldwide for nearly 15 years. We specialise in the following areas: ...

  • water retreatment - equipment and installations
  • water treatment, industrial - systems and equipment
  • water treatment products
  • metrology
  • electrolysis - surface treatment
  • sensors
  • electrodes
  • swimming pools, installations and equipment
  • chemicals - import-export
  • dosing pumps
  • hydraulic regulating equipment
  • swimming pools - equipment and installations for water treatment
  • control engineering
  • chlorine dioxide installations
  • electrolysis installations
  • chlorine dioxide
  • electrolysis machines
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